Welcome to

Cannabis Kingdom!

From Humble beginnings we proudly present Cannabis Kingdom.  A unique collection of Flower and Extracts produced from the Royal Gardens, as well as expertly formulated edibles, capsules, drinks, and more.

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Connoisseur Grade Flower

We take an immense amount of pride in the strains we grow here at the Kingdom.  We have some strains that are just not available anywhere else.  We are excited to say we also have some old school Landrace strains that will be introduced in the coming months

Expertly Crafted Extracts

If you are looking for the true essence of our cannabis strains, our extracts are a great choice.  Whenever possible we do single source extracts, but also have some of the finest blends to be found in the Central Maine area!

Beyond Organic

We do not have an organic certification because we don't need or want it!  The organic standards allow for more chemical/heavy metals residues than we would ever allow in our products! Our unique growing method allows for the most complete and clean flush in the industry!